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  • The Étern'L Universe

«What we see is temporal, what is unseen is eternal.»
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Étern’L is an invitation to immortality. A perfect blend of key ingredients acknowledged for their phytotherapeutic virtues, this care range is an elixir of youth for mature skin.

Maxime Verbier has created l’Univers Étern’L by drawing inspiration from his love of mountains. Rise above day-to-day life, rejuvenate yourself by embracing the unalterable nature, explore new avenues, seek out different landscapes… rise up towards the sky.

Eternal moments.
Sophistication and purity.

This fanatic of mountains has combined Immortal, this plant that basks in the abundant Mediterranean sun, with Edelweiss, the white flower from glaciers. A fine blend of warmth and cold, for a truly unique care range, an ode to femininity.

«The Eternel Feminine draws us upwards.»
Johann Wolfgang (von) Goethe